Howdy! I'm Flavius of Flav Creations. I love doggos and making stuff. I am developing Stream Warriors (undecided name) and various cool stuff. Right now I primarily program in Java , (not JavaScript), and learning C# on the side for now. Some of the cool things I'm working on right now:

  • Stream Warriors: A stream integrated game that takes the concept of Marbles On Stream and translates a similar idea into JRPG Boss Fights (think Final Fantasy 6). The streamer and their viewers join the fight and battle against a big boss.

  • Cool Stream Effects: I like to do more than just test out ideas for Stream Warriors then drop them once I've decided. I will try to make various cool utilities or fun mini-game things to test out concepts for Stream Warriors. I made my own sound bot to test out audio. I'm working on a Stream Boss / Hype Boss to test out managing graphics for the game.

  • There may be more?

Oh! I love music and songs and stuff. My favorites are classical, opera, pop, rock, metal, some country and... stuff?